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My name is Alex.

Born in Slovakia, based in Dublin, will travel anywhere in Ireland as well as to venues across Europe.

From artist to photographer, now merging my work in a unique style of photography with a high emphasis on artistic portraits. 

The weddings are usually mixed with posed portrait photos, documentary style of the events happening on the day all wrapped in artistic touch, so we will create a little bit of magic from your wedding day.

For other photo sessions, I always try to tailor them to your needs.

My love for art started together with my love for nature, animals and all living creatures when I was a child. 

My love for photography started because of the joy of meeting new people, seeing new places and searching for perfect beauty in everyone and in everything.

Now after some life experience, I prefer nature and animals to people, to be honest ;)

But if you are some nice humans who need and like my work I will be glad to take some photographs of you for you and add to them a little bit of magic.

I take so so many photos that you will like yourself in them finally. 

When I don't take photos you will find me in garden working with plants or somewhere where are animals, taking photos of them or just chilling and snacking with them.  

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